On September 18, 2021, over 150 people gathered in New Haven's East Rock Park to celebrate the life and work of Sandy Malmquist, the heartbeat behind New Haven's Connecticut Children's Museum and Creating Kids Child Care Center, and to renew our commitment to continuing the work. Clips of individual presenters are below.

For easier phone viewing, the full playlist is on YouTube.

Many, many thanks to Melissa Rivera for Spanish translation and Lisa Kinsman for ASL interpretation.


Songs by Kelsey Guggenheim, former Creating Kids teacher. Welcome from Peg Oliveira, Gesell @ Yale.

The Children's Building

Paul Wessel

Elana Sherman

Creating Kids - the beating heart

Filomena "Filly" Zarra, Creating Kids teacher

Pam Miller, Creating Kids teacher

Anna Brathwaite McGregor, former Yale workstudy student and Creating Kids staff.

Angela Russell, Creating Kids parent

Marsha McCoy, Creating Kids parent

In the Museum

Yanerys Aziz, Family child care provider

Felicitas Castellano,

Allison Batson, Hamden Public Schools Pre-K

Lizzy Rockwell, children's book author.

Betty Baisden, Director

Anne Olcott

Mae Gibson Brown, Early childhood teacher

In the World

Jennifer Heath, United Way and New Haven School Readiness Council

Jessica Sager, All Our Kin

Myra Jones Taylor, Zero to Three

Dual Language Project

Elaine Zimmerman, Gina LeVon Simpson, Donna Thompson Bennett, Children's Leadership Training Institute

Katharine Goodbody, Connecticut Children's Museum Board

Kesley Guggenheim, former Creating Kids Teacher

Peg Oliveira, Mindfulness Moment and Closing

Bina Williams, childhood neighbor

Karen Klein